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Baja Med cuisine

Baja Med cuisine

Baja Med cuisine, originally from Tijuana Baja California especially is a kitchen where typical ingredients of Mexican cuisine are combined, highlighting the products produced and harvested in the state.

The fusion of Baja Med cuisine arises from the influence of three kitchens, Mexican cuisine through its spices, oriental cuisine by his presence in the city of Mexicali and Mediterranean cuisine using regional products that occur due to weather Baja California privileged. Vegetables and fruits harvested in orchards, herbs combined with seafood, fish, meats and wild birds, all seasonal hunted in the region and prepared in the wood oven or grill to create an original and innovative, unique gastronomic experience in the world and you can only try in Tijuana.

Since 2013, have you called the cuisine of Baja California as “Intangible Cultural Heritage of the State”, which was endorsed by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in Playas de Rosarito and the exponent, Kitchen Baja Med, is projected to internationally. By emblematic creations like the Caesar salad was created in Revolution Avenue; Margaret, created in Ensenada; called Baja Med cuisine and Puerto Nuevo style lobster were basic factors to make it deserving of this distinction.

To add more fame to our cuisine, we had visits from renowned chefs like Anthony Bourdain and Rick Bayles, who have made Baja California in the culinary spotlight internationally.

In addition, dissemination and projection of the Baja California cuisine has been key to that is recognized internationally, through participation in numerous activities by prestigious chefs of the entity such as Javier Plascencia, Miguel Angel Guerrero, Diego Hernandez, Guillermo “Oso” Campos Moreno, Jair Tellez, Benito and Solange Molina, and Sabina Flag.



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