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The Famous “Avenida Revolución”

The Famous “Avenida Revolución”

The Revolución, as its name implies, has been the star Avenue Tijuana and simultaneously, witnessed changes in the social, economic and moral level of our city; sensitive to the ups and downs of the national crisis always able to reinvent itself.

Still you do not know?

Do you expect to know the heart of Tijuana, a vibrant avenue between “curios”, cafés, bars, craft beer and food corners, creates a unique and undeniable identity.

Walk the Revu, you can become a cultural delight. On your tour you can not miss a visit to Jai Ala, icon of the city and cultural heritage, opened in 1947. In your journey you will find the famous “donkey-zebras” that a little over 100 years ago are protagonists between domestic and foreign visitors to take their souvenir photo.

And the food… can not miss this avenue has become a clear example of diversity in Baja California cuisine, combining typical ingredients of Mexican cuisine, highlighting the products produced and harvested in the state.

You can visit the “Gastro-Pub” that have become fashionable and enjoy a microbrew 100% of Baja California. To add more fame to our cuisine, we had visits from renowned chefs like Anthony Bourdain and Rick Bayles, who have made Baja California in the culinary spotlight internationally.

In Revu you can also enjoy various festivals held leftover Avenue, there for everyone!

These are some of the many things that can go to discover our famous Avenida Revolucion.



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